What we do

At Doligence, we help deal makers close deals faster and consequently protect their investments. In a typical transaction, we undertake a comprehensive organizational review, which includes a thorough analysis of contracts, agreements and other corporate documents. Our diligence service provides deal makers with certainty, transparency and security so they can focus on what they do best – close deals. 


Why we do it

We founded Doligence because of the ridiculous pain deal makers experience during due diligence. Deal teams spent too much time gathering and collating documents responding to due diligence request lists, and then working with their attorneys to review deal documents. We support deal makers by providing managing the diligence process so that they can focus on the big picture.

Whether you’re working on an M&A, equity, or commercial lending transaction, our efficient due diligence process ensures that you can close faster than you ever have.

Our team

Our team consists of individuals who have closed deals worth more than $7 billion on aggregate. We know deals inside out, and this is precisely why we created a solution that responded directly to the daily problems that deal makers face.