What We Do

Corporate & Organizational Review

We undertake a careful review of charter documents, financials information, and all commercial contracts. We provide you with a report, flag potential issues and provide mitigatory options, as needed.

Public Record Searches

We search databases to verify potential lawsuits and records against targets and their key personnel.

Data Room Management

We manage data rooms and contents so that you can focus on what you do best – close deals.

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Corporate and Organizational Review

How important is corporate due diligence? Critically important. While financial due diligence delivers details about historical trends, corporate due diligence examines a target company at its current state, providing valuable insights into a target’s charter documents, subsidiaries and their jurisdictions, contracts and agreements with key customers and vendors, current operations and structure.

Our thorough approach includes reviewing and analyzing the target’s contracts and corporate documents, and flagging issues all on the front end — all to give you clarity, mitigate risk, and to accelerate the decision-making process on the target.  

Our careful review of the organizational documents and general corporate records of the target company, include (but not limited to):

  • Charter documents (certificate of incorporation, bylaws, etc.)
  • Good standing and (if applicable) tax authority certificates
  • List of subsidiaries and their respective charter documents
  • List of jurisdictions in which the company and its subsidiaries are qualified to do business
  • Commercial contracts and agreements, and many more.

Data Room & Bid Support

Data Room Support:

Increasingly, on large M&A transactions, our clients are demanding a wider range of services from their advisers to support the disposal process. The aim of data room support is to provide data room management and support to firms on both buy-side and sell-side. We also help private equity firms and their portfolio companies get organized from day one with our ongoing monitoring and compliance support.

Bid Support:

Working alongside our clients in a competitive auction process, we provide support in analyzing the key issues likely to influence their bid, involving the appropriate specialists as required. At the initial stages of an auction process, information is usually restricted to an information memorandum and a vendor due diligence report supported by a data room.

Once exclusivity is granted, we seek to perform top-up due diligence to assist the completion of the deal. Our work at this stage tends to be confirmatory in nature but will also seek to identify issues that impact on price, or those that require reflection in the sale and purchase agreement and completion accounts.